The Wye River SLSC Nipper Surf Education Program is an exciting recreational and educational program for all kids with a keen interest in being active and safe around water.  This program is designed for 6 -13 year olds (as at 1 October 2023) and is structured to provide a continual development of surf awareness specific to their ages and abilities throughout the lifesaving education program.       


After participating in the program, children will have an awareness of beach hazards such as waves and rips and also have a basic knowledge of resuscitation and basic first aid.


Wye River SLSC requires every Nipper to also be a member of the club and at least one parent must also be a member.  We encourage family participation with many social activities being organised during the summer. Parents also have the opportunity to complete the Bronze Medallion themselves, allowing them to assist with water safety.


A document containing all of the Nipper enrolment information for 2023/2024 may be downloaded here.

The parent handbook for Nippers can be downloaded here


The preliminary swim form is available here  please ensure both pages are signed.  Preliminary swim forms are due by 20th December.


UNDER 14s - Surf Rescue Certificate


During the last year of the Nipper program the under 14 Nippers obtain their SRC.  For further information click here (page 4).   SRC Candidates also need to complete a preliminary swim form prior to commencing.



Special thanks to our Nippers sponsor since 2020/2021, Great Ocean Road Real Estate, Lorne