Bronze Medallion

If you’re 15 years or above and looking to get started as a lifesaver this is the award for you! Prospective lifesavers below the age of 15 can start with their Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC) which is an award similar to the bronze minus a few units (see information below).


The bronze medallion is an all-rounder award which equips you with all the basics required to become a successful lifesaver. Wye River runs a Bronze Camp every year over the New Year period. In this hands on, action packed and fun week topics include:

  • Rescue techniques (both with and without rescue equipment)
  • First aid 
  • Resuscitation (defibrillation and oxygen are also introduced)
  • Tows & carries
  • Basic OH&S (including how to be sunsmart)
  • Radio operation and communication skills
  • Swimming and paddling techniques
  • Inflatable rescue boat (introduction)
  • Beach and RIP types and dangers
  • Scanning and profiling techniques and many more skills

…among many other topics too numerous and interesting to list. The only requirement for the bronze medallion is that you be able to swim! Before commencing their bronze, participants must be able to complete a 400 metre pool swim in no more than 9 minutes. SRC participants must complete a 200 metre pool/open water swim in no more than 5 minutes. That's it!


This year the dates are from 16 - 22 December 2019. The open water swim will be held at Wye River on 16 December 2019.  If you are interested in obtaining your Bronze Medallion or your SRC you can register by emailing our chief instructors 


There are two costs involved:



While you're on the camp you will stay at the bunkhouse.


A document containing all the relevant information is here


A separate bronze camp is also run in the first week of December every year for the students of Colac Secondary College. This camp is generally at capacity every year however if you're unable to make the summer camp above feel free to email and we may be able to fit you in!



2 - 5 January 2020 (plus two water based sessions on 29 and 31 December 2019)


The Surf Rescue Certificate is for members under 15 years of age and in 2019/2020 it will be run separately to the bronze award.


The format of the camp each day is split between theory and practical sessions. Typically, the morning will start at 9am in the clubhouse concentrating on theory. Then after lunch, at around 1, you will hit the beach for a practical session involving a run-swim-run, board and rescue work. There is no need to stress - this is a continuation on what you have learnt and practiced in your nipper sessions over the past years.
It is highly recommended that SRC candidates swim regularly and have confidence in their ability to swim at least 200m in a pool so when they swim at Wye they are assured they can do it.


For any further information on these awards or any other award contact the Chief Instructors at the email above.